01 Heather Waraksa Photography


Heather Barrie, Mary Ruth Miller and Max Deigo bring decades of design and planning expertise to creating events that are not only beautifully conceptualized and impeccably orchestrated but a sincere reflection of their client’s vision.

02 Rad and In Love Photography
03 Gayle Brooker Photography


Whether designing an intimate dinner, a timeless event or the wedding of the season, our intention is the same:  to realize our client’s vision in a way that they couldn’t imagine, yet reflects them thoroughly and exceeds their expectations.  We are honored to help, guide, assist and beautifully embellish your love story, creating cherished memories for years to come.

04 Virgil Bunao Photography
05 Rad and In Love Photography
06 Parker J Phister Photography

“Mere words inadequately express how incredibly grateful we are for Gathering Events.  Not only does your team have extraordinary design talent and organizational skills  (….not to mention ‘crisis management skills’ when roads unexpectedly close!?!) but an uncanny ability to listen, envision, implement and execute with confidence.  Those gifts trickle down to the bride, the groom, their families and their guests!  You both were worth your weight in gold on every level and consistently exceeded expectation from every angle.” 


Mother of the Bride

07 Gayle Brooker Photography
08 Nancy Ray Photography


Ranging from an intimate gathering of family and friends to a week-long corporate festival, gatherings are a celebration of life’s moments and milestones.  We approach each occasion with a passionate attention to detail.  We handle everything, so you can savor time with guests or colleagues and enjoy being fully in the moment.

09 Nancy Ray Photography
10 Virgil Bunao Photography

Thank you all dearly for yet again a truly lovely party.

You make everything  work like magic.  I know that it takes a lot of planning and execution to make it appear so seamless.  Savoring the wonderful memories of the beautiful flowers, delicious wines and outrageously good gourmet southern comfort food.

You are the best and I am so happy you are in my life.  I could  not and would not ever do a party without you !!  Xx



11 Brennan Wesley Photography


Our hallmark is understated elegance.  We see the world through a design lens, finding inspiration while exploring destinations abroad or at home nurturing our own gardens.  Architecture, interior design, the arts and gracious entertaining, all fuel our work.  We love balancing color, symmetry, pattern and proportions to create harmony – that intangible but essential element of beauty.

12 Caroline Knopf Photography

“A week has passed since the amazing wedding weekend, and we are now just coming down from our high!  We wanted to write to thank you for all you both did to create a memorable series of events for Sarah and Corey and for our friends.  From the hotel flowers, to the incredible transformation of Chez Nous, to the vibrancy of the Zero George arrangements, to the breathtaking wedding florals, it was a perfect 10 from start to finish.  Our guests could not stop talking about the flowers, and they still are!  It was a great joy to create with you and to be part of the design process.  You are both pros, wonderful to work with and we can’t wait to tell everyone we know about you!”

Ellie & Bruce
Parents of the Bride

13 Julie Livingston Photography


Lauded as one of the best florists in the country by Martha Stewart Weddings ~

Gathering intuitively crafts lush yet organic florals that are evocative of the occasion and environment.  We tirelessly source flowers from around the world , support our local flower farmers and seasonally forage unique elements.  

14 Corbin Gurkin Photography
15 Heather Waraksa Photography

“I could not have been more pleased or overwhelmed with how wonderful you made the wedding night!  Every detail- outstanding and beautiful and better than I could have imagined. Standing ovations from the bride!!!  I will NEVER forget it. I have cried tears of joy for 2 days! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


16 Elisa Bricker Photography